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This project is on hold for the forseeable future. Even though we are currently pursuing other projects, spatial computing, signage and architecture are exciting topics that we still love to explore. We are always interested in hearing your thoughts, comments and opportunities.

Thank you for your interest in Destinations!


Who we are

Destinations is a young "work in progress" studio with a particular interest in digital product design and development. As for now we are working in a loosely structured, self-managed arrangement towards the goal getting Destinations up and running.

Kai Magnus Müller

Kai Magnus Müller

Designer & Co-Founder

Working an an interaction designer, Kai Magnus' main motivation when designing digital products is focusing on complex systems, their interactions, and how they can be made accessible to users.

Before he started working at Syncier, he also gained design and development expertise while working across germany for Intuity and precious design.

Martin Wehl

Martin Wehl

Designer & Co-Founder

Martin is a digital product designer. Prior to his studies in interaction design, he was working as a screen printer and media designer with focus on the planning and realization of indoor signage and wayfinding systems.

Martin is especially interested in concept development as well as UX research and consultancy, preferring a method-driven approach when tackling problems.

Johanna Wellnitz

Johanna Wellnitz

Designer & Co-Founder

Johanna is a product designer at Pitch in Berlin. Like Kai Magnus and Martin she has a background in Interaction Design and for a short time, designed expert systems and websites in an agency.

In her work she switches between abstract thinking and crafting the details of a design to keep high level goals in mind while also driving decisions forward.


Computer Scientist & Co-Founder
with engineering background

So, Destinations is exatly your topic and you are passionate about tackling two big challenges:
1. You join our team as a co-founder collaborating and working with us building this company.
2. You establish the technological foundation for the development of the Destinations product.

Besides that, you are passionate about contributing to the product vision with your own ideas and concepts and complement our user centric design approach with your tech perspective.

As a co-founder, you will also be an committed ambassador of Destinations, helping us to grow our common network. We value diversity and inclusion and pursue the goal having a well-balanced founding team. Therefore we woud like to strongly encourage people from underrepresented groups: let's have a chat!

How we work

Since the beginnig of Destinations, we have been working solely remotely using digital collaboration tools. What started out of a necessity, became the regular mode of work for us.

Altough we are working towards a common goal, we grant each other the maximum of freedom regarding the time spent working on Destinations. Working on one's own responsibilty is a key factor for each individual inside our team, while also doing our best to support each other and cultivate an open feedback culture within Destinations.

How we got here

Destinations started as the bachelor thesis by Kai Magnus and Martin in 2020 at the Hochschule für Gestaltung Schwäbisch Gmünd. While the thesis was progressing, both of them became more and more enthusiastic about founding a company evolving around the softwares' concept. Shortly after their graduation, Johanna joined the team and the project was picked to join the goHfG network as well as winning a goHfG award.